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Long Time No Write

Yup...I haven't written. However...I have religiously updated Jimmy and Rod's blog, since most of the drama is going on with them. There is a link to their page on this blog (right hand side bar) if you'd like to check it out.
In the past couple weeks I've had to exterminate a TON of ants. Not fun when you have two cats. I've been dealing with the joys of job stress but I won't go into detail about that ... I learned from Dooce :)Been on a couple dates, although none in the past couple weeks. Last one was with Cortny, who is currently enjoying his vacation time in Colorado. Speaking of vacations... my mom and I will be heading on a Carribean cruise in March. Yippee!! Some of you may recall that last year I was supposed to go on a cruise, and was medically forbidden to do so. So, I'm excited to go this year. Speaking of medical stuff... I am free and clear with the neurologist. Saw him this week and he basically said that I am fine and he will probably do 2 more MRI's in the future but will phase me out as his patient. Yippeee!!!! That is great news. So, once again I apologise for the lack of writing (although, how many people really look at this site...I have no idea) and I will attempt to keep up better in the future.

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