I know it's been far too long, but I'm now feeling guilty.

I saw a bunch of my friends from college today, that I haven't seen in what seems like forever. None of us have really changed though. Appearance-wise, anyway... I know we all have more debt and bills than we'd like... and struggles with "life." But, we're all here. We've come this far. Crazy. Entirely insane. And to think I turn 30 this year? I'm not an adult. How can I be turning 30? There is something not right in the universe. I'm going to try and keep up a bit on here...and with Rod and Jimmy's page, too. Can't make too many promises, but I will try. And you know what? This damned page will not let me download pictures unless I pay them. So...looks like I'm moving my blog to blogger.com.
More to come on that.

Where Did February Go?

I didn't post in February. It's just proof that the older you get, the faster times goes. I swear that I blinked my eyes...and POOF. Gone.
Life is good. I'm dating someone. No names yet...don't want to jinx it. We'll see what happens.
My mom and I are going on a cruise next week... I am hugely excited since the cruise I was supposed to go on last year....I was forbidden to leave on by medical professionals.
The boys are not excited to be spending a week with their grandpa and uncle and aunt, but...they will survive. Probably even have fun.
More later, hopefully I won't skip an entire month again,
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Long Time No Write

Yup...I haven't written. However...I have religiously updated Jimmy and Rod's blog, since most of the drama is going on with them. There is a link to their page on this blog (right hand side bar) if you'd like to check it out.
In the past couple weeks I've had to exterminate a TON of ants. Not fun when you have two cats. I've been dealing with the joys of job stress but I won't go into detail about that ... I learned from Dooce :)Been on a couple dates, although none in the past couple weeks. Last one was with Cortny, who is currently enjoying his vacation time in Colorado. Speaking of vacations... my mom and I will be heading on a Carribean cruise in March. Yippee!! Some of you may recall that last year I was supposed to go on a cruise, and was medically forbidden to do so. So, I'm excited to go this year. Speaking of medical stuff... I am free and clear with the neurologist. Saw him this week and he basically said that I am fine and he will probably do 2 more MRI's in the future but will phase me out as his patient. Yippeee!!!! That is great news. So, once again I apologise for the lack of writing (although, how many people really look at this site...I have no idea) and I will attempt to keep up better in the future.
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ok...the subject is to test Cortny...to see if he will read my blog...or if he is even refreshing the page i know he has on his computer of my blog :) and if you are reading this, Cortny... well, you'd have lasted a lot longer than I would have, had you had a blog that I could read. Thanks for dinner this evening. :)
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Happy New Year!

Thought I'd post on New Years Day since I missed xmas... :) (But I got Boxing Day so it's all good)...Had a pretty uneventful New Years Eve. A guy whom I thought only wanted to be friends came over and I guess he was interested a bit more than I thought... it made for a bit of an uncomfortable conversation about me being "not interested in that way" but... whatever. I still think he's gay anyway... and...if you (Matt) have this blog address, I apologise, but that's just the vibe I get.
Went shopping today. There were huge sales and very few shoppers. Bad for the economy, bad for the store owners, GREAT for me. I got some awsome deals super cheap. Now I'm back home with the boys doing some arts and crafts and watching a whole lot of Law & Order: SVU.
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I'm A Day Late For Christmas so... Happy Boxing Day!

Christmas went well... it was great having a week off of work (although I go back tomorrow). It'll be easier going back to a job I actually like...not like back in the day at GB... thank God I'm not there anymore. The thought of working every other weekend...and the varied schedules I used to have to endure....it makes me sick to my stomach. Not to mention some of the people there.... but I won't go into that.
I hope everyone had a great holiday season and will be having a very merry New Year! :)
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The Big D Turns 21

Twenty one years ago I was in the ER and mighty sick with a blood sugar of around 1250 (doctors wondering how I was conscious and talking). I had a 3 day stay in the ICU (where I remember wanting WATER all the time) and then another 3 days on the peds unit...(my roommate had a burst appendix and really really bad veins because they could never get an IV in her - but she still was able to conspire with me to hide the "gross cheese" under the mattress instead of eating it before bed) and then...home for the holidays. I don't remember a whole lot (I was only 7) but I do recall not liking my visiting nurse who wanted me to do my own shots...first once a day, and then....TWICE...what a meanie. This is the point in my life where counting became important. One half hotdog = one meat, 12 grapes = one fruit, 5 triscuits = one bread...I can spout off these numbers from now till the end of time even though we've (thankfully) moved on to carb counting instead. My parents were amazing for my childhood. They gave me the control. I see way too many parents of kids with diabetes not letting their kids make mistakes and try to do things themselves. Look at me now... I'm independent and complication free! I'm not saying there weren't a few crazy moments...but I survived.

Camp Midicha became a huge part of my life. This is where I met lifelong friends... (Sue- my first counselor and still a wonderful friend), Kathy (partner in crime and Best Friend to this day), Mark and Gerad (how can any girl forget those crushes on OLDER counselors :)...

My current slew of WONDERFUL friends with insulin pumps... Chris, Sheilagh, Kathy, Joyce, Brandon, Mark, Gerad and J.P... you know who you are...and all we've done for each other.

My college buddies who learned all the in's and out's of drinking with a diabetic (and an UNDERAGE one at that...anyone who is underage please cover your eyes....)
Julie (who could test my blood sugar while intoxicated better than anyone ever could!)
Kidada (the best freshman year roommate a girl could ever have!)
John and Larry... you treated me normally, that is all a girl could ask for (except...Larry, when you kidnapped Bongo the monkey)
Emily...you learned how to use glucagon (thank god you never had to use it on me!)

Going back to high school...all of you who put up with me and my "bag" that I toted around everywhere (and left in a few intersting places....)
Jenni...remember Burger King when that guy thought I was doing drugs and went to get the manager?

So...it's been 21 years... some of you may think it odd that us Type I's decide to celebrate our diagnosis date...it's not like I was that happy 21 years ago, but... I am happy now. I am celebrating technology and being alive in a time when I can control things (and you know I'm a control freak).... so, happy birthday Mr. D. May you live long and prosper (unless....a cure.... then DIE!) :)

Type I 21 years today, pumping 6 years with "Vinnie"
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